What exactly is global warming? It’s a good question, since a lot is written and mentioned about “global warming”. The word is usually misused and others tend question things like, ‘do you believe on global warming?’ It’s a little bit like somebody questioning an economist, whether or not they believe in inflation. It is hard to figure out where to begin whenever answering, What is Global Warming? This is simply because there are more hidden questions concealed on the original one. Lots of individuals when asking the very first question, are usually also wondering if the warming is caused by human activity or are greenhouse gases accumulating on the atmosphere?; and is also the warming something they must be worried about? The brief response to those questions is definitely YES!

Global warming has turned into a big political concern and also a good deal of debate carries on concerning the solutions. A single method being thought to minimize global carbon emissions is the concept of contraction and convergence. Within this process all of countries would take part in a worldwide emission reduction along with quantified emission targets.

Experts make use of “global warming” in the accurate way, to imply “a tendency for the planet to warm over a certain period”. You’ll find a lot of study dedicated to global warming, and a large number of scientists concur that the standard global temperature is escalating. Have a look at a few descriptions of global warming here.


‘What is Global Warming’, is just a portion of the story and this doesn’t inform us when this can happen. The things we do know for sure is that global warming has happened in the past years, and it’s also occurring until today.

Without any doubt the temperature of the earth has changed ever since the beginnings of the earth. The actual issue is not simply the point that it’s warming, but the rate in which it’s warming. The 10 most warm years since global temperatures have actually been recorded all happen during the last 12-year period in between 1997-2008.

However that is the past, and researchers are recommending that the present rapid rate of warming doesn’t have any similar within the last few million years. Even if the earth did warm right at the end of the ice age the procedure was extremely slow, warming up for a duration of around 5,000 years. Our Planet is warming up, and warming up rapidly.


The atmosphere encircling the earth is primarily made up of Nitrogen (around 78 %, and Oxygen (21 %) along with water vapour as well as other trace gases comprising the rest. There are a number of trace gases, like; Carbon Dioxide, Argon, Helium, Neon, Hydrogen, Methane, Nitrous Oxide as well as Ozone. Those gases, are usually called green house gases simply because in the day the earth takes up heat, and those gases behave like a greenhouse trapping on the heat. A few of the heat is radiated back out into space, and when weren’t for such gases things will freeze over at night time. The problem of course is the rise in greenhouse gases, that’s holding in many more heat, and resulting in an increase in global temperature.




The amount of greenhouse gases has risen considerably ever since the Industrial Revolution (around 1750), and worldwide carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration has increased 37 %, methane 150 % as well as nitrous oxide 18 %. While the Revolution took hold mankind started burning up fossil fuels, (specifically coal) greatly, to generate steam engines for business, and produce electricity. Whenever fossil fuels are burned up or combusted, carbon dioxide, methane as well as nitrous dioxide are made off as gases. Apart from increasing coal use right after the Industrial Revolution, emerged the prevalent use of one more fossil fuel; petroleum for transportation. At the start of the twentieth century, yearly global oil production was approximately 150 million barrels of oil, right now, that quantity is produced worldwide in only 2 days. Burning fossil fuels produces billions of loads of carbon dioxide which has been locked away in the globe for millions of years. Human beings are contributing billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year, and you know what? Carbon dioxide is actually a greenhouse gas.


Effects of Global Warming

The rate in which the earth is warming is probably the single greatest problem to ever face mankind. The effects can certainly be disastrous, we must act decisively, and take action now!