When it comes to the four biggest forests worldwide, what would be your guesses? What if I give you a hint about the largest one? The hint is you have to think ‘rainforests.’ Before we get to the four largest forests in the world, let’s name a few honorable mentions. Coming in at #5 just out of range for the actual list of four is Ecuador Cloud Forest. Then there is Kinabalu National Park in Malaysia and the Monteverade Forest in Costa Rica, at #6 and #7 respectively.

Now let’s get to the top four. We’ll start off with #1 right away. You’ve been given a hint, and the rainforest that is the largest forest in the world is the Amazon. Just to give you an idea of how large this forest is in its entirety, it spans across eight countries. You don’t want to get lost in the Amazon, for more than one reason. However, it makes for a nice vacation for sure if you have tour guides.

The second largest forest in the world is the Taiga, and if you had a pie chart of forests, this forest would take up a massive 29 percent. Not only that, but this forest has so many trees that about a third of the trees the world has comes from the Taiga. That is just amazing! Another name you might have heard the Taiga referred to as is the Boreal Forests.

Everyone has heard of the Congo, right? The Congo is massive, and there are a lot of great things to see here. It has a very storied history, but it is also known for its fair share of problems. This includes the people or locals there and the environment and wildlife there. It would be so great to get to see the third largest forest in the world though.

If you had to take a guess, what continent is the fourth largest forest on? It is in Australia, and it’s the Daintree Forest in Queensland. This forest has more bats, butterflies and frogs than you’ve ever dreamed of seeing in your life.

Of course, in Australia, you’re in the Outback, so you’re going to see some unique wildlife, including kangaroos. There are all kinds of adventures awaiting you when it comes to the four largest forests in the world. Which one of them sounds like it should be your next vacation?

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